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Mar 10, 2011 7:00am EST
. meetings in brussels, making plans for a no-fly zone if the u.n. were to request one. separately, russia will ban all weapons sales to libya. it is a blow to the libyan regime as russia was one of its main weapons providers. still, russia, which has the power of the veto at the security council says it remains opposed to a no-fly zone. let's get more on the international strategy. we are joined from russia from a guest from the minds -- moscow state institute of international relationships. and from washington, we have a senior south -- fellow from the center for american progress. how big of a fight the u.s. is preparing for to get a no-fly zone? >> i think the united states position is that it would not do it without getting a u.n. and nato approval. i did not think it really wants to, but it does not want to take the option of the table because there is hope that just the prospect will get colonel gaddafi will stop some of the horrible things he is doing. >> listening to that, americans are not prepared to go against international opinion, but russia has made clear it will veto if it
Mar 23, 2011 7:00am EDT
and how the issue affects the diplomatic relationship with russia. this is about 20 minutes. >> our next speaker is no novice in dealing with the area of missile defense. in fact, she has some of the greatest insights i've seen both the political, the operational insights, the international insights and the technical -- the programmic. i think she has a very clear vision of the challenges we face and the opportunities that missile defense provides us. undersecretary of state ms. ellen tauscher is the undersecretary of state for arms control and international security. it is my pleasure to introduce you to her this afternoon. she serves as a senior advisor to the president, the secretary of state for arms control, nonproliferation and disarmament. prior to her current appointment, ms. tauscher chaired the house arms services subcommittee on strategic forces where she was an ardent supporter of missile defense. ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome the undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, undersecretary ellen tauscher. [applause] >> good afternoon. it
Mar 24, 2011 5:30pm EDT
. >> it is an ambitious venture to bring the best of work by russia's young artists to london. it also betrays a different view of russia today. the exhibition is backed by a big russian investment bank. it is designed to counter the view that russians in london are full of conspicuous wealth and little else. the new show opens in london this week. ♪ >> they are bright young russian artists. they're influenced by western concepts and the freedom to express themselves. >> there is a real revival in russia at this moment. this exhibition of young russian artists is the first exhibition of a new partnership of our foundation and the strategic partner. we share the same idea about bringing the best from russia, the incredible creativity from russia. ♪ >> the theme is "rethink russia ." they want to show the other russia that is creative, cutting edge, and full of innovation. >> russia is booming with young talent. it needs to be seen here, i think. they would like to come here and integrate into the international world. >> with the fall of communism, the freedom of expression blossomed in the russian cult
Mar 12, 2011 12:00am PST
with the president of georgia, talking about his relationship with russia and the events of 2008. >> america's main value for peoples like us, and there are many of us out there, right s that america, besides having power or economic leverage, it's also an idea t is a much bigger than than just another country. that is what makes america so strong. there is more freedomses it there in the world, it's much more pragmatic. and that's, i think there is nothing that can stop freedom. it's inevitable this is going to happen. and america should lead it. and i think should not be scared of it. >> rose: we conclude with film producer peter guber talking about the art much storytelling. >> i had it backyards. i spent 35 or 36 years about storytelling. and i realized that the secret sauce was telling purposeful stories, using that as emotional transportation. and that looking at the people you want to act together or work with you or be a customer or clients or join your church or whatever, that they aim with the heart and what you have to aim at the heart is the story, not the facts and information. importa
FOX News
Mar 4, 2011 5:00pm EST
have people in the audience who are from hungary and russia and cuba, from countries all over the world that have experienced revolution. and revolution up until recently is a word that everybody thought was ridiculous. it was a forgotten idea, something from the old days in the history books that apparently doesn't read anymore. but the events around the middle east has served to put us on alert, i hope. too many people, gee, revolution is great. no, it's not. because revolution is just the beginning. it's a reminder of what a small but dedicated group of people bent on revolution can accomplish. we can easily forget the seeds of our own country were planted in revolution. how many countries that are existing right now in the world have their roots in revolution. i'll give you that answer in a second. our revolutionaries were different. i love this guy. i wish i had a t-shirt of this killer. or a christmas ornament of this killer. these are many of the revolutionaries that are currently around some of the old ones, but there is another group of revolutionaries that were much, much diff
Mar 18, 2011 12:30am PDT
but it rules out the use of foreign ground troops. there were five abstentions including china and russia. french officials have said that military action could begin within hours although britain has cautioned against that suggestion. >> there was no opposition to the plan that britain, france, and lebanon had presented. significantly, both russia and china were among the five countries to abstain. afterwards, britain made clear why the government felt they had to act. >> the world should not stand by and accept gaddafi promised brutality against his own people. this is an expression of the resolve. this is a resolve by the arab league last weekend and measures to protect and safeguard the civilian population of libya. >> france will contribute a strong contingent of those enforcing the no fly zone. their foreign minister told the security council that the world could not let the events continued unchecked. >> as i speak to you now, colonel gaddafi lost troops are continuing their violent reconquest of cities. we cannot let these warmongers do this. we cannot abandon the civilian populat
Mar 22, 2011 7:00pm PDT
. >>> russia says it's ready to boost energy exports to japan to help the country address power shortages that are still affecting numerous households and businesses. deputy prime minister made the proposal in moscow on tuesday. executives from russia's leading energy companies also attended the meeting. they suggest that russia will increase energy supplies to japan saying the march 11th earthquake has put bilateral friendship to the test. russia will send 100,000 tons of lick kwi fied gas to the far east and double the crude oil exports to 18 million tons. russia is considering exporting an additional 4 million tons of coal to japan. the two countries agreed to establish a working group to discuss long-term cooperation and natural resources development. russia hopes they will develop fields in east siberia. >>> share prices are falling in tokyo on wednesday morning following a drop in u.s. and european markets overnight the nick day closed the morning session at 9,455. down 1.6% or 153 points. investors are selling shares following the nikkei's gain of 600 points in the past two trading
Mar 7, 2011 5:30pm PST
of parliament last year, russia's permission to use the poor was extended until 2042. even that deal raised strong passions. many ukrainians want to keep sebastopol and many russians want it back. overlooking the harbor, i met a retired captain. he once served the soviet union, but when it disintegrated, he joined the fledgling ukrainian navy. >> i can't imagine any mechanism which would let sebastopol become part of russia without blood being spilled. no one here thinks seriously about attacking russia, to give something away is impossible. the russians need to think about whether they really need a fleet here. >> sebastopol is -- was once the pride of the russian empire. the soviet government joined it to ukraine, and that is when the seeds of today's disputes or sound. >> the black sea fleet has been in sebastopol for more than 200 years. for many russians, it's unthinkable they should never leave. too much blood was spilled here in the crimean war and second world war. they simply cannot accept that sebastopol is now part of ukraine. already, the black sea fleet has had to withdraw from
Mar 7, 2011 7:00am EST
, russia apostate permission to use the port was extended until 2042 -- russia's permission to use the port was extended. many ukrainians want to keep it and many russians wanted back. on a hill overlooking the harbor, i met retired capt. he once served the soviet union but when it disintegrated, he joined the fledgling ukrainian navy. >> i can't imagine any mechanism that would let it become part of russia without blood being spilled. nobody here thinks seriously about it -- but to justice of the way is impossible. the lessons need to think of that -- think about whether they really need to be here. >> it is in the crimea and was once the pride of the russian empire. but in the 1950's, the soviet government's joined it to the ukraine and that is where the seeds of the dispute were sown. the black sea fleet has been here for more than two and ended years and for many russians it is unthinkable it should ever leave. to much blood was built here in the crimean war and the second world war and they simply can't accept that this city is now part of ukraine. already, the black sheep the black se
Mar 4, 2011 12:30am PST
of one of russia's iconic buildings is set to be near completion. the finishing touches. they are using a rather abnormal and medieval recipes. >> from the outside, all is calm at the bolshoi. inside, decorators are working around the clock to get this lavin complex restoration project closer to completion. far more than a fresh with paid has been needed here. in medieval concoction is being used. this was a theater is sinking into the ground. >> the reconstruction and restoration of one of the main symbols of russia is a very difficult process. the key task was to keep the building intact. we manage to do this thanks to a -- the building was suspended in the air and the foundations were taken away by hand. the opera house was built in 1776. its effort years of neglect. the main stage was closed in 2005 toward the restoration work. it was meant to reopen three years later. there's been a huge delays and it is now expected to be completed this october. what is finally being achieved here is reviving this bid to its further glory. whatever the reason -- what of the rooms that has had a fa
Mar 10, 2011 11:00pm PST
of russia and as far away as hawaii. so 8.8 magnitude earthquake, very intense. let's look right here at the quake magnitudes. you'll notice this one is off the scale. doesn't happen very often. go all the way down to the bottom of screen, though. major earthquake series damage up to 7.9. this quake was originally reported as a 7.6, hit a little over an hour ago and again we do have a note from the usgs a tsunami was generated from this quake and we are watching as far away as the coast of hawaii. if those waves hit at hawaii, they would hit at 3:00 in the morning local hawaii time. so again the danger will have passed if we don't see any major waves for two hours. right now we are already seeing those tsunami waves close to the coast where this earthquake occurred and we're watching the coastline of japan near tokyo as well all the way up to russia for those times when it may hit. >> we want to continue following this story for you again. this is just unfolding. 8.8 quake. we are now checking wires which say that magnitude is 8.9 off the northeastern coast of japan unleashing 13-foot
Mar 17, 2011 6:00pm PDT
were against. there were five abstentions, including russia and china. >> when it came, there was no opposition to the plan that britain, france, and 11 on had presented. sit -- significantly, both russia and china were among the five countries to abstain. afterwards, britain made clear why its government felt it had to act. >> the world should not stand by and accept the dump the hospitality against his own people. this resolution. tonight in the united nations security council is an expression of that resolve. it is a positive response to the call of the arab league last weekend for measures to protect and safeguard the civilian population of libya appeared close friends, too, will contribute a strong contingency for those enforcing the no-fly zone. its foreign minister told the security council that the world cannot let the events in libya continued unchecked. >> as i speak to you now, colonel khadafy's -- colonel gaddafi's troops continue. we cannot let these warmongers do this. we cannot abandon the civilian population. >> responding to the resolution, lydia's fore
Mar 4, 2011 7:00am EST
is going to shift away a little bit from the united states and europe and more to brazil, russia, india, and china. vietnam cut its growth forecast to 7%. in the u.k. and in the u.s., we would be delighted if we had to cut our growth rates at 7%. the world is moving at different speeds and at different ways. >> there's been a warning from one of the world's most powerful investors about the role playing in the middle east crisis by western influences. george soros says the west should rethink the way it deals with the middle east. >> what is happening today in the middle east is very similar to what happened in the former soviet union in 1989 and 1991. at that time, i was very much involved in those events, but then it was a regime hostile to the west that was destroyed by the revolution. now, it's yours teams that have been supported by the west. >> words of wisdom by george soros. >> restoration of one of russia's most a chronic -- most iconic buildings is near completion. >> from the outside, all is ca lm at the building. inside, specialist decorators are working around the clock to
FOX News
Mar 12, 2011 3:00pm EST
is declaring a state of atomic power emergency. it's asking russia to raise energy sfleismt was the scene at one of the country's major refineries, up in flames. the prime minister says they will increase liquefied natural gas supplies by more than 100,000 tons. they could also be increasing coal supply by next week. >> kelly: devastation in japan as we heard from adam is unimaginable. we are getting reports that more than 1200 buildings have been destroyed and another 4,000 damaged. approximately 1450 roads, eight railways and 20 bridges are damaged or washed away and 215,000 people are seeking shelters at emergency centers. >> jamie: in many of those places they don't have power at the shelter. so president obama is promising the japanese people whatever assistance you need, we'll get you. several ships carrying supplies along with research and rescue teams like the one the fairfax that we talked to in the last hour. all of this in the american forces stationed in japan. molly henneberg joins us live with the effort of the effort of the military. fell us about the assets we have in the
Mar 3, 2011 3:38am PST
something out of stalin's russia. turn in your neighbors, turn in your friends. if you turn in 10 people, you get less time in prison. that is what it is, you know? this war on drugs is something out of stalin's russia. and let's stop this war on sex offenders before this gets way out of hand. it is already way out of hand. [applause] i know we are concerned about sexual assault and rape and people assaulting women and children -- i know that. most of the people in prison as sex offenders are not those people. i call them romeo and juliet's. he is 19 and she is 16 or she is 19 and he is 16. that is the most of the mark. let's face it -- we should know, especially in san francisco, that as human beings, we are not really comfortable with sex. some of us do not even know who we are, right? from day to day, right? you know, i mean, sex is a very complicated issue. the idea that sexual behavior and people's aberrations with it or problems with it or confusions should send them to present for life sentences. in wisconsin, they have the same thing in iowa and illinois -- actually have built pr
FOX News
Mar 17, 2011 4:00pm EDT
dozen crackdown. now, the question is, we're going along, china and russia so far not going along but it would be more than a no-fly zone, right? >>guest: russia, it is in russia's and to have higher oil prices. they don't pay $105 or $120 because they produce billion barrels which they sell. russia will not play. no-fly zone or u.s. attack on qadaffi would put the rebels in place and maybe free flowing oil would happen again and prices would retreat. $4 a barrel higher today, maybe it is back down so russia likes this. >>neil: what if muammar qaddafi makes good on threats to wipe out the rebels? the air raids would be moot. >>guest: they are moot until there are other protesters and another country says what about us? the uprising started in tunisia, spread to egypt, and then to libya, from country to country in the middle east and it will land itself in a major oil producer and prices will sky rock. $3.6 5 average for gas right now, how about $8 a gallon if there is a major civil war in the middle east? will we fight the battles? we can't do that. >>neil: the only direction is u
Mar 19, 2011 2:00pm EDT
to russia because he has the situation to deal with. how prepared are we? how involved might the united states become in the action in libya? look, over the last week plans were developed, where the administration, both the president asked the pentagon to come up with plans to help enforce and assist in a no fly zone if this resolution was going to pass. they knew the wording and the question, how are we going to assist, clear, over the last couple weeks? we have moved assets into the mediterranean, naval assets in particular. so there is obviously something, a role they're going to play. we know about the logistical role and intelligence role they're playing which is the flying of the awacs planes over libya to identify targets and confirm where these folks are but the question is, are there going to be more action that u.s. military assets are going to take beyond intelligence gathering and i think we'll find out more in the next few hours. the delay of secretary gates' trip to russia tells you that. >> president obama actually addressed the crisis in libya there in brazil when he was
Mar 13, 2011 9:00am PDT
if they want. in russia they asked to fax them the first page of his passport while he was in siberia in jail because they weren't sure that was him. even if you look at egypt, what happened there which helped to organize the protests, sometime in october or november, that group was the activator because facebook had to come up as a quick fix. >> the very facebook that helped launch the tunisian revolution. >> egyptian revolution. again, all i'm saying is that there are many cases -- looking at that group in egypt, it was clear it was a political group that sought to oppose mubarak. i don't see why facebook has to enforce that policy. it's not that they would have trouble with securities and exchange commission if they don't enforce it. there are ways to push companies to behave responsibly. >> i want to follow-up on the secretary of state's remarks. the u.s. has given some funding and thanked twitter and asked twitter not to go down for repairs during a crucial time earlier in the middle east. it's been a supporter of some of these things. should they be discriminatory and provide things for
Mar 17, 2011 6:30pm PDT
likely to use their veto, china and russia for various reasons. russia has very good relationships or had very good relationships with libya, has a lot of investment down there with the gas industry. the french diplomats who have been very aggressive pushing this resolution seem quite confident that their resolution will pass, that there will be no veto, so that would mean that probably china and russia would abstain their vote or something like that. it's, like i said, the security council, so it's not over until it's over. >> germany is being very cautious in terms of this no-fly zone over libya. why do you think that is? >> the germans have been more than cautious now. the german foreign minister says there is not going to be any german soldiers in libya including no german soldiers in a no-fly zone. the germans are cautious and hesitant when it comes into military intervention in the country. they are now in afghanistan, that's not go very well, especially with the public. they're hesitant to open up a second front. on top of that, the germans aren't convinced that a no-fly zpone woul
Mar 15, 2011 7:00pm PDT
could soon be doing more business in russia. russian president dmitry medvedev met with goldman chief lloyd blankfein in moscow today. the topic-- goldman's possible participation in a direct investment fund aimed at attracting foreign capital to russia. in the past, investors stayed away from russia because of rampant government corruption and red tape. when it comes to education, states should pay more attention to productivity. so says tonight's commentator, jamie merisotis, president and c.e.o. of the lumina foundation. >> america is home to some of the most productive and successful businesses in the world. recent government data shows that u.s. productivity is at the highest level in many years. but one place where productivity is lagging is in the hallowed halls of our great colleges and universities. now, productivity may not be a word you automatically associate with higher education. and yet, productivity is consistent with the loftier goals of academia. higher education productivity is about making the system more efficient, more innovative, and more cost-effective. we need
Mar 15, 2011 4:30am EDT
go into a free fall when investors panicked by radiation fears. >>> and sticker shock, russia jacks up the price of flying >>> and sticker shock, russia jacks up the price of flying american astronauts into space. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. today, we begin with a nuclear nightmare. radiation levels spiked in japan this morning in a wake of series of explosions at the puck chic ma nuclear power plant. days after suffering its most crippleling catastrophe ever, japan is now facing the world's largest nuclear disaster since chernobyl. kristin dal again reports. >> reporter: japanese officials warned the radiation leaks were getting worse after a explosion in a third reactor and a fire in the fourth. the prime minister warned they were expanding the area of evacuation to 19 miles reporting radiation levels seemed very high and there was a high risk of more radiation leaking out. >> translator: there is still a very high risk of further radioactive materials coming out. >> reporter: the situation has fears mounting across the
Mar 20, 2011 6:30am PDT
was to join the eastern and western portions of russia, thousands of political prisoners were sent here to work, among them anatoly marachev's grandfather. >>: my grandfather was labeled an enemy of the state and was sentencedto the camp. 1200 miles northeast of moscow this is the only town in the world the arctic circle, temperatures often plummet to -60°. so it was an ideal place to stash away stalin's political enemies. >>: most of the labor camp were located in the isolated regions of the arctic and they face these harsh conditions. >>: millions of mosquitoes in the summer and blizzard like conditions in the winter >>: joseph stalin dies at 74 >>: construction on the railway eventually stopped in 1953, but the damage was already done. his grandfather died, along with tens of thousands of other political prisoners. >>: people call this the railroad of dead because many could not handle the cold and the bugschristians were also killed in the gulag's >>:, we have secret prayer gatherings, they prayed for this harsh region; >>: several years ago he moved his family to honor the memo
Mar 11, 2011 3:05am EST
watches and warnings not only for japan, as you can imagine, but russia, japan, the philippines, indonesia, guam and the u.s. state of hawaii as well. this is evolving into an international event. dramatic footage, homes and buildings just being washed away as tsunami just -- literally a 13-foot tsunami engulfs that country. >> take a look at this water damage here as you see it plowing over buildings. you see homes, businesses, cars absolutely being caught up in this flood. we've all, of course, been familiar with the damage that a tsunami can cause. right now there is a warning about another tsunami that could hit. this one was 19 feet and apparently there are more that could hit. >> right now we're getting information that this is the biggest earthquake since 1995. the biggest earthquake since 1995. it struck at about 2:46 japan time, shortly after 1:00 a.m. eastern time. again, 8.8, that is a monster earthquake. already word from japanese officials that they're going to -- already in the process now of accepting foreign assistance because the scope of this is going to be unbelievable.
Mar 30, 2011 7:00am EDT
collapsed and was replaced by russia and other independent diplomatic republics. >> an announcement that he is to receive the highest honor of russia, the order of saint andrew. >> there is no doubt the to rule our country at a difficult and dramatic time. many still blame him for the collapse of the soviet union. all those supporters in moscow gave him a party, it is the extravagant 80th birthday celebration in london that will crown the event. leaders the world over are coming to commemorate his place in history. his legacy is all the more remarkable because until the mid-1980's he was a loyal he rose through the ranks to stand shoulder to shoulder with aging dinosaurs. once he became leader he started to push a reform agenda. he went to the streets to tell the young people to take more initiative. he stunned people by freeing distance, ending censorship. loosening the grip on politics of the communist party. to the young east germans, he called for the people to decide their own update. within weeks after his visit, the berlin wall was breached and jubilant citizens clamored over, attack
Mar 11, 2011 2:05am PST
coastal areas of russia, marcus island, northern marianas, guam, wake island and taiwan, please do not go near the waters. move to higher ground as soon as possible. you're watching nhk world and a major earthquake hit japan friday afternoon. this happened about an hour and 15, 20 minutes ago. japan's meteorological agency says the earthquake measured 8.4. the agency issued a tsunami warning for japan's pacific cost. in northern japan tsunami waves of up to 4 meters were observed soon after the quake. the agency is warning the tsunami could be between 6 and 10 meters. you're seeing some of the tsunami damage so far in miyagi prefecture in the sendai area where some of the homes and farms have been flooded when the tsunami went upstream a river. according to the transport ministry, the international airport has reopened two of its four runways. international airport has reopened two of its four runways. they had earlier closed all. they have reopened two of its four runways. the japan road traffic information center, japan road information center, and police say express ways around
Mar 22, 2011 5:00pm EDT
strategy. now, let me turn to europe and russia since our plans were architecture and have gotten so much attention there. we have no more important relationship than with nato allies. that relationship continues to grow. when i first started working with relationships in 1997, the allies were skeptical to say the least, but there's been a huge change in europe's attitude and nato's attitude. i've been em -- impressed with my counterparts and discussions with them in our nato meetings by how much and how quickly they embraced territorial missile defense as a mission. there are a few key components to our approach applying to the ark architecture in europe. we want to protect all of euro, not just some of europe. we want our european allies and friends to buy into the european safety adapted approach, and it's not something we want to impose on them. that's just not what friends doment finally, we have started discussing potential defense cooperation between the united states and russia and nato and russia. we want russia in the missile defense tent rather than outside. last year in novemb
FOX News
Mar 1, 2011 2:00am EST
a quarter of the total eu gas supply. sen countries out of the twen block are totally dependent on russia for gas. they turned the gas and oil off. so why was it that reagan warned that we should never allow a pipe line in europe. what was it he said. they would control all of europe. look at pipe lines and map. there are the pipe lines and all going this direction. who do you think controls these people? who? if libya fails, and they are not counting on saudi arabia because saudi arabia is worried about failure. they get their oil from libya right now. it comes up and goes in all over europe. but if that fails and saudi arabia fails, i guess they have russia to count on. is that good for them? multibillionaire tboone pickens said about america. there is a big energy table we don't have a share there and the hall and saudies tell you what you are going to pay for it. well, is there any country that is preparing or looking to the future and doing what we used to do? yes, russia and let's look at china. here's china. they are the 24 countries that china has oil interest in. you think they a
FOX News
Mar 2, 2011 5:00pm EST
would be. he said islamic terrorists. hostile members of the chinese military. or groups in russia. who are the best positioned in the economic battle space. now, here is where this thing doesn't feel right to me. this report came out back in 2009. the only reason why we're seeing it now is because someone in the d.o.d. thought that this report should be brought to public attention. it was made in 2009. the d.o.d. thought it should be brought to your attention. that alone to me is the biggest warning bell here. it should put your radar up, at least maybe say maybe i should read this and look into it. why should it be brought to your attention now? well, let me ask you, what was the end goal of osama bin laden? easy to say he wanted to destroy the united states, but that wasn't it. it was destroy the western way of life and collapse us. back in the late 1990s when i was warning new yorkers that there would be blood and bodies and buildings in the streets, i said within 30 years -- little did i know it would be within five -- i warned people about osama bin laden, because i actually read
Mar 23, 2011 5:00pm EDT
import positions vis-a-vis the countries brazil, russia, china and what important part that could play in our recovery? .. it conceals one important point which is british businesses have been more at a venue would suggest. i think british business for the larger companies tend to go into india and brazil and china and senate joint ventures and factors of their own bear to serve the local market for a variety of reasons. for new reasons we needn't go into today. i grit my honorable friend would be good if we could help small for immediate we don't have the capability set up on the other side of the world to export generic term. whi now, the devaluation, which n veened over a year ago now has given us a nasty result, whichur is a much higher inflation rate but it is given us one very pleasant result which is it is very easy to export out of the british now because british industry is so much more competitive. we should have that on our site. i think paradoxically british businesses now in the manufacturing sector it's very close. so they are tending to collect a bit more revenue and bri
Mar 11, 2011 2:00am EST
, not just for japan but also for russia, mar ques island, game, wake island and taiwan. the pacific tsunami warning center has issued a tsunami warning not just for japan where a tsunami has already struck. you can see some of the damage so far in northern japan but also for russia, mar-q unez, game, wake island and taiwan. for those of you just tuning in and living anywhere close to the coastal areas of russia, marquez, wake, game, taiwan, please, do not go near the waters. move to higher ground as soon as possible. you're watching nhk world. a major quake hit friday afternoon. this happened an hour and 20 minutes ago. jch's meteorological agency says it was 8.4 magnitude. they've issued a tsunami warning for japan's pacific coast. in northern japan, waves up to four meters were observed soon after the quake. the agency is warning that the tsunami could be between six and ten meters. you're seeing some of the tsunami damage so far in miyagi prefecture in the area where the home and farms have been flooded. with the tsunami went upstream the river. according to the transport ministry, the a
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Mar 11, 2011 1:00am EST
. the tsunami warning, in effect for japan, russia, the marqes islands. it is also issued for guam, thailand, the philippines and hawaii. japan's nhk said a small tsunami hit the shore near the epicenter around 3:00 p.m. local time. they warn that a tsunami as high as 20 feet could strike the cause near miagi. the pacific tsunami center says the tsunami warning is in effect for a large part of the pacific and the weather agency is warning that a tsunami as high as 10 feet could hit the north eastcoastline of japan. there are no reports of injuries. ia pan has been rocked by several earthquakes in 7 days, including 7.3 magnitude on wednesday. once again, a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake, rocking japan. and there is a warning that a tsunamiy that could end up being as high as 10 feet could hit the northeast coastline. also, we are getting fresh reports in. we told you other countries have been issued a warning, including japan, rushia, the marques islands and a tsunami watch in guam, taiwan, the philippines, indonesia and hawaii. we are told by japan's nhk that the small -- that a small tsun
Mar 19, 2011 3:00pm EDT
that live. i mentioned earlier today that we're going to see secretary gates delaying his trip to russia. he wants to stay in the states at least for another day and manage this more hands on before he leaves so we'll wait and see what the perspective is from the pentagon. chuck, thank you for keeping tabs on the president's perspective there in brazil. appreciate that. let me bring in former general barry mccaffery who is now an msnbc military analyst. jonathan alter who is an msnbc political analyst and national affairs columnist for "newsweek." general, let me begin with you. we've seen now the french taking the first strikes -- striking at these armored vehicles. who do you expect next to send planes into the sky or to bomb targets in libya? >> well, clearly, the uk is now executing their operational plans. they've moved the aircraft down into the region. we should expect to see some participation by the danes, maybe the canadians and others. uae apparently has their aircraft now moved into the mediterranean area and then potentially of course immense u.s. naval air power and precision g
Mar 5, 2011 6:00pm EST
that you have, where's the biggest? >> it used to be russia. but i just now brought it to a close. i spent a very large amount of money, close to $1 billion in russia. >> was it worth it? >> i think that it was worth it. unfortunately russia has gone the wrong way, so i don't have much to show for it. but i think that we did the right thing and it's regrettable that now it has gone wrong. >> why did you shut your foundation down? >> because we were doing a lot of things that, in fact, the state or a local people ought to be doing. we were helping education, science, and so on. and this was appropriate when the country collapsed and the system collapsed and it was worth saving these institutions. now it's more -- the revolutionary period is over and so it is not appropriate for me to spend that money. but i will continue supporting a civil society organization, particularly those that act as monitoring and critical of what the -- of what the reconstituted state is doing, which, as you probably know, is becoming quite repressive in its behavior. >> so what would be your largest foundation no
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